Oct 28, 2018

The Little 86 That Could


he AE86 has been a staple in the import car community for as long as I can remember. Who didn’t watch Initial D and and then immediately want a panda themed 86?

Outside of its TV series fame the 86 has been a staple in the drifting scene for some time. With aftermarket support readily available, good weight balance and a pretty reliable 4AGE under the hood, it made for a great Drift or track car.

Carter, owns a red AE86 hatchback that is in great condition. Carter was born and raised in Texas. Although his 86 hasn’t hit the track just yet, Carter definitely plans on it. Carter’s father started his addiction to cars, like a lot of other people in the community.

You can check out Carter’s 86 as well as his M3 on his Instagram @red_ae86 which we think is fitting.

P.S We don’t know what potato Carter took these pictures on, but we dig the old school look.