May 14, 2019

The One and Only Hatch


lright, we get it. We have a thing for turbocharged Honda Civic Hatchbacks here at Embedded. You have to admit, it is difficult not to love or at minimum respect these four-cylinder machines. From competitive Time Attack events to quarter-mile drag strip runs, you can’t argue that they’re not versatile. What makes these mostly turbocharged B series or K series swapped hatches so popular? One, they’re cheap to buy. Two, the mass amount of aftermarket support makes these cars like adult Legos. They are lightweight and capable of putting down some serious numbers in any event they’re built for. We like that here at Embedded, it allows your average enthusiast a way to build a car that represents who they are.

Daniel Murcia is from Van Buren, Arkansas. He is living the dream by daily driving a 1998 Acura Integra and building a turbocharged 1996 Honda Civic Hatchback, we’re jealous. The Hatch is powered by a B16a2 engine fueled by 300cc injectors. Like a lot of B series turbocharged engines, the ECU is chipped rather than running on Hondata or another Engine Management System. This allows you to make the necessary adjustments at a much lower cost, things like fuel and timing maps etc. Like all projects Daniel’s hatch is in the project stages, currently running a T4 turbocharger with a hood dump. He pieced together the intercooler piping himself, which can be a task if you have not done it before.

Daniel’s cousin got him into the car scene. He said that seeing how you can build a car your own way and add your own uniqueness to it is something that really drew him in. Daniel said his friend Jose Figueroa, who also has a boosted hatch, was a big influence on him and helped him get his car where it is at today. Check out Daniel’s IG @theoneandonly_hatch and Jose’s @newedge_fig.