Apr 23, 2019

Slammed CC


hen you think of stanced there are a few different types of low we like to see. There is low, pretty low and scrape city or street sweeper low. Frankly, if you’re undercarriage doesn’t look like it was dragged on the ground the entire length of the dragstrip, are you doing it right?


This is Marcus Brown’s 2012 Volkswagon CC. Slammed on BC Racing coilovers, this thing is low. Not only is it slammed but it is clean. With the CC sitting on BC coilovers you can only imagine the struggle of getting this thing over speed bumps and in and out of driveways. Other than that Brown’s CC is stock. Marcus had to overcome some financial obstacles when purchasing the CC and starting the build. The engine blew twice, once due to burning through all of its oil and the second due to the infamous VW timing chain issues.

You won't find any elaborate body kit on this CC, just clean factory lines slammed on BC Coilovers


Prior to the CC Marcus had a clean E46 that he managed to save for and purchase. The night he installed a set of D2 coilovers on it the car was involved in an accident.

Marcus also works as a videographer, you can see his work on his Instagram page @mrbrovvn or his other page @mdnghtvce. Marcus shoots a lot of his videos on a GoPro but you would never know. The amount of passion and work he puts into the edits is second to none. Check out his page for more.