May 20, 2019

Sandra's S Chassis Chronicles


he 240sx is one of the most popular vehicles Nissan has ever produced. The S13 model was produced from 1989 to 1994. Equipped with Nissan’s KA24 series engines the 240sx produced a max horsepower rating of 155bhp for the DOHC KA24 variant. The U.S market never saw a factory turbocharged option. The S Chassis has been an integral part of the drifting community, you can find an S Chassis in all levels of drifting, from beginners right up to Formula Drift competitions. With huge aftermarket support the 240sx is essentially adult Legos for car enthusiasts.

Sandra Doaga has a 1991 240sx that she has big plans for. At the moment the car sits on cheap coilovers to replace the old blown out ones the car came with (we've been there). Equipped with a Turtle Garage HICAS lockout bar, Sandra’s S13 no longer will have the use of Nissan’s rear wheel steering. This is a common component installed on S Chassis cars to disable the HICAS, which is essential for drifting and other motorsport events. Sandra has big plans for this S13 and we’re excited to give an update on her S13 when its further along.

She also owns a 1989 Nissan R32 GTS-T. This is a long term project but has huge potential. Lets be honest, owning an S13 and a GTS-T is living the dream. She’s working on welding in a radiator support for the Koyo Radiator. The GTS-T has a set of Silver’s coilovers waiting to be installed, HKS intake, GKTech toe arms and HICAS lockout bar.

Sandra recalled the best event she has attended so far was D1GP Lights Series at Meihan Sportsland.This was her first time in Japan and the talent in the drifting series blew her mind. Her interest in cars started at the tender age of 11, when she discovered her first 240sx. During high school Sandra took an Automotive course which helped her better understand how to repair and maintain her projects. A year after she graduated she bought her first 240sx. When asked about her greatest influence Sandra spoke about the art of building a car the way you wanted it. She stated, “To me, building cars is the same as building art. The way that the car looks, drivers and handles can all be tuned exactly the way you like. It’s such a personal experience and that is what makes it so much fun for me.”. Finances come into play with every build, sponsors help but can change the direction of your build depending on your sponsor. Sandra’s faced the same financial setbacks that most of us have, but she has a positive outlook on it and continues to finish her projects, we’re excited to see where they go.

Building a car on your own can be daunting, addicting, but daunting. Doing it with friends is a lot better. Sandra wanted to say thank you to James Armstrong who has been a huge help and influence with her projects. She also wanted to thank Alexander Turnbull, Justin Chen, Alexander Tai and Kenny Sirivongxay for everything they have done to help her throughout this process. Check out Sandra’s page @sandradoaga.