May 30, 2019

Sacramento Memorial Day Car Show


emorial is a day of remembrance, specifically to those who served our Country so we could enjoy the security and freedoms that we have. We here at Embedded Motorsport would like to thank those who served not just for their service but the sacrifice that comes with it.

This Memorial Day I spent a few hours at the California Automotive Museum in Sacramento, CA for their Memorial Day Car Show. I attended Karmecca just the day prior, the differences between these two shows was apparent from the time I arrived. This show being much more family friendly, and a bit smaller. That being said, the quality of cars was second to none. With a variety of mostly older and newer American Muscle cars, I spent my time there absorbing the craftsmanship behind some of these projects. Take for example this 1969 Dodge Dart owned by Matt Bulleri. Original but well maintained and definitely driven, this car drew me in from the beginning. The black interior to match the black exterior was appealing. The red stripe on the back stood out to let you know the vehicle passing you was in fact, a Dart.

From Shelbys to newer Corvettes there was a wide variety of American Muscle housed under the Interstate 80 overpasses on Front St. A bright and sunny day made viewing all of the showcased cars enjoyable and relaxing. The family-friendly environment was great, my daughter loved the self serve shaved ice. As I attempted to keep her sticky fingers from touching the glass like paint on some of these pieces of American History, I was quickly humbled by the attention to detail with these builds. It was clear some of these cars would be passed down from generation to generation with what appeared to be grandchildren sitting with their grandparents admiring the work they had put in. All in all the show was great, with food being barbecued and donations being taken to support the local veteran chapter. I could not have asked for a better way to spend a couple of hours this weekend.

This 1969 Chevelle Malibu owned by Darrell Whitebear was clean top to bottom, including the engine bay, consisting of plenty of chrome.