May 16, 2019

Karmecca Volume 2


acramento California has a rich automotive history, from car shows, the Sacramento Raceway to cruises around the capitol in Downtown Sacramento. Adding to that history is Karmecca, a new and upcoming car show  hosted in Sacramento. The 2019 show was hosted on Front Street near the California Automotive Museum. The Interstate 80 overpasses sit high above the show grounds, giving the show a somewhat underground feel. The parking lot is capable of housing hundreds of cars and even more people comfortably.

With multiple local food trucks, a live DJ and various vendor booths there was no shortage of food or entertainment. With the morning bringing a bit of rain, the overpasses provided some shelter for the event goers and various media crews moving about. The cars were no disappointment. Karmecca did a great job picking some of the most diverse and unique cars to enter the show. Anything from Skylines to Mustangs, they had it all. Not to mention the 3SGE powered AE86, which ended up winning Best In Show. We documented a few that really caught our eye, you can bet one of those was a Civic Hatchback.

Meet Ninh and his 1994 Honda Civic Hatchback. Ninh’s owned the car for about three years. One thing we noticed first was how detailed oriented the build was. The full JDM interior was in great condition and well maintained, especially the JDM center console. The engine bay was detailed and contained all of the OEM components you would expect from a build of this caliber. From the OEM power steering to functioning AC. Sitting on Function and Form coilovers this hatch has an aggressive stance but is built to drive. This was arguably one of the best Civic Hatchback builds we have ever seen. Check out his Instagram @djninhtendo.

The afternoon was nothing but clear skies, which brought out quite the crowd. With various clubs set up inside the show there was no shortage of diversity, which is important. Karmecca had multiple media crews working tirelessly to capture the show, check out their YouTube channel for some of that content. All in all I would say Volume II was a huge success, I’m looking forward to next year.