Apr 14, 2019

Hoonin Around


hen we reach out to people about featuring their builds there are certain things we look for. You don't need to have the highest horsepower or torque numbers, have the best drift build, be a time attack legend or even compete in any track days at all. The thing we look for most is passion and authenticity, at the end of the day what more could you ask for? Meet Cole Holden and his 1990 Mazda RX7 FC GXL, he definitely embodies what we stand for here at Embedded Motorsport, getting back to the roots.


Cole Holden is 26 years old from Urbana, IL but currently calls Foley, AL home. His interest in cars started at a young age, he recalls at about 10 years old. Visiting his grandfather in his classic muscle shop where he housed his collection of muscle cars. Cole's father is a fan of NASCAR, "he used to tell me about how he modified his cars back in the day and would bring me and my family to Talladega races often as a teenager". For the longest time, Cole wanted to be a driver in NASCAR but influences from games like Need for Speed and movies like the Fast and Furious franchise grew his interest for imports. At 17 years old Cole got his first car, a 1995 Ford Escort Wagon with a manual transmission. After the engine blew in the Escort Cole picked up a 2003 Mazda Protege with a blown head gasket with the intention of repairing it. "With no luck or knowledge of what I was doing, I was without a vehicle for about 1 year". Cole rode his bicycle to and from work, a 10-mile trip, as he saved up enough money for his next project.

"he used to tell me about how he modified his cars back in the day and would bring me and my family to Talladega races often as a teenager"

Having his eye on a few S13's and some Hondas', Cole found his FC listed for $1500. Prior to this, he had never heard of the FC chassis and only knew of its newer generation, the FD. Only having $1100 to his name the dealership held the car until Cole returned two weeks later and drove his FC home, "I'll never forget that day I saw the pop-ups for the first time from the driver's seat". He drove the FC daily until the apex seals blew and the coolant wall cracked on the first iron. After the engine blew Cole saved his money for the next year and a half as he researched how to rebuild the 13B. He successfully rebuilt the 13B engine and all of the work you see on the FC was done by Cole. After a wreck causing from front end damage this past New Years, Cole was able to piece the FC back together. You can catch Cole and his FC at local meets or events like Import Alliance. Check out Cole @holden.hooning


YouTube: Holden Hooning

Facebook: Cole Holden

Snap: Cole.H


Import Alliance 2018 Summer Meet

Import Alliance 2019 Spring meet

Import Rally 2019 (registered)

“A huge thanks to all of my friends who have helped with the car so far:”


















Current Modifications:

Full Rebuild

Rotary Aviation Carbon Steel Super Seals

Atkins Rotary Solid Corner Seals

Pineapple Racing Medium Street Port

Pineapple Racing Full Exhaust port

Pineapple Racing Sleeve Inserts

Racing Beat Header and Pre-Silencer

Manzo Single Catback Exhaust

Racing Beat Lightweight Steel Flywheel

Exedy Street Clutch

Series 4 Rotors

K&N Intake

Dual-core Aluminum Radiator

K-Sport Coilovers

Drilled/Slotted Brake Rotors

Stainless Steel Brake lines

ESR SR01 staggered

Federal SS595

Duraflex B-Sport FRP Kit

Custom Halo LED Tail Lights

DND Performance Interior Leather Steering Wheel