Dec 1, 2020

Fresh Start, 350Z!


he Z line of cars produced by Nissan have been sought after by enthusiasts for generations. The Datsun 240z kicked off what would quickly become a favorite for Nissan enthusiasts. Although the Z line of cars have changed immensely over the years, the passion that comes with owning one has not changed a bit. Jaden was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. His current project, this 2005 Nissan 350z.

It is no secret, the Nissan 350z has been a staple in the automotive community for some time. From Formula Drift events, to raging down the drag strip, you can find them everywhere in between. Jaden picked up this 2005 Nissan 350z in January of 2020. So far, the car is equipped with a lightweight flywheel, stage three clutch and sits on Motegi MR118 wheels. The ride height has been lowered using lowering springs, which gives this 350z a rather nice look. Jaden equipped his 350z with a DNA catback exhaust with ISR test pipes.

Jaden’s goal for the car is to have a good looking street car that makes decent power for the occasional track run (this is how daily driver’s turn into track monsters, beware, Jaden!). Jaden frequently attends local car shows and meets, his favorite being the Steaks Monday Night shows. I am excited to see where Jaden’s build takes him next, only time will tell. That being said, I am sure this build will turn out to be exactly what Jaden has in mind. Jaden became interested in cars from movies with TV shows. Most of his friends were also into the car scene, which sparked Jaden to pick one up and get involved. The car community can be a great place, it is a lot more enjoyable when you’re doing it with others who share your passion. Check out Jaden’s build on his Instagram account, Sunny the 350z (@z33sunny) • Instagram photos and videos. Photographs taken by @jadens_exposures and @jadenslack.brz.