Nov 4, 2019

Cami Decker's Z32


he 300ZX Twin Turbo is an iconic platform produced by Nissan in the 1980s and 1990s. Although it may not seem as popular in the enthusiast community as the Skyline or 240sx chassis, it has been holding its own since its inception. The 3.0L Twin-Turbocharged V6 is built to last when properly maintained. The wider chassis and sleek design, coupled with the performance capabilities of the twin-turbocharged engine made this vehicle an instant winner.

You could say Cami Decker has a passion for the 300zx chassis and you would probably be right. She is the proud owner of a 1987 300zx and her 1990 Twin Turbo Z32, which just happens to be right-hand drive. Cami has owned this 300ZX for almost a year. She recalls when she brought it home the entire car was vinyl wrapped which needed to be removed. When the old wrap was removed it removed some of the factory paint. This led Cami to replace some of the panels and strip the car down to the primer. With her original goal for the car to be a show car, she ordered wheels. Seats, harnesses, a wing, air suspension and got to work on the paint. After one season of the show car life, Cami was bored.

When Cami bought the car the previous owner told her the engine was somewhat built. Including forged pistons and rods, with upgraded turbochargers, injectors, and a front-mounted intercooler. Cami sold her air suspension and hit up a drifting friend of hers, Mike Grazer. With Mike in the passenger seat during a couple of sessions, Cami was hooked.

Cami recalled growing up in a small Wisconsin town and how different the car culture is then her taste. Most of the scene consisting of trucks, there weren’t many options for the tuner enthusiasts. Then a friend, Robert, introduced Cami to the world of Imports, teaching her to drive manual in his GTI. When she saw her first Mazda Miata she fell in love with the chassis and the world of Imports. Just two months later she bought her first Miata. Cami proudly earned her nickname, Camiata and the rest was history.

One thing a lot of us enthusiasts take pride in is doing whatever work we can ourselves, Cami’s no different. She spent many nights in her garage piecing her Z32 together to her liking. Cami stated, “My inspiration for the car was growing every day, simply because of my imagination and ideas I would get every time I went outside and saw it in my garage.”. We’re excited to see what's next for this RHD Z32 next season, we know Cami will do it justice every step of the way. Check out her Instagram @camitaz and her team, Eminence (Chicago Chapter). (Scroll down for full gallery)

Written By:William S. Photographs: See Photographs For Photographers.