Apr 11, 2019

Bug Eyed and Boosted


he Acura Integra has been a staple in the Import car community for as long as I can remember. The third generation Integra stood out from its predecessors due in part to its bug eyed front end and upgraded B18 series engine. This generation being arguably the most popular for enthusiasts. One pitfall of the B Series powered third generation is the lack of power from the factory and we all know boost is the answer to every problem.

Boost + VTEC = Smiles for miles.

Boost + VTEC = Smiles for miles.

Enter Johnny Moua’s 1997 Acura Integra, currently located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Powered by a turbocharged VTEC B18 series engine. Equipped with a B18C1 head, GSR camshafts and Super Tech Springs and retainers. The B18 achieves boost through a Godspeed Turbocharger pushing about 14lbs of boost through a Private Label MFG turbo manifold. An LS transmission with a Stage 3 ACT clutch helps put the power to the ground. The Skunk2 Intake Manifold helps the engine accept all the of the boost being pushed through the Godspeed Turbo. The interiors been updated with a full Type R interior and a Hybrid Racing short shifter.

Johnny explained that he was building the car for track use but also had thoughts on building the car for show purposes. We say do the both, nothing better than a show car driven hard. Johnny explained he plans to make this Integra unique and that’s his favorite part of building cars. We agree that making our build unique and a reflection of you is what its all about. Johnny caught the bug early on with the help of The Fast and The Furious, but who didn’t?

It took him awhile to find his first clean chassis but he finally found one for a good price from a friend. Like most friends, Johnny recruited them to help him get his Integra where it is today. We look forward to seeing where he’s at this time next year.

Check out his Instagram page @johnny_dc2.