Jul 18, 2019

Brady's Mazdaspeed 3


t’s no secret that I have a love for turbocharged hatchbacks. The Mazdaspeed 3 falls into that category, although sometimes it's left off the lists of performance hatches to look out for. Mazda is no stranger to performance, just look at the RX7’s and Miata’s long history in motorsports. The Mazdaspeed 3 boasts a healthy 263bhp and 280ftlbs of torque from the factory, giving this hatch the ability to take full advantage of its close ratio 6-speed manual transmission.

Brady has had his 2011 Mazdaspeed 3 for a little over two years. You can take one look at it and see he’s quickly made it his own. The Mazdaspeed 3 came with a sport driven suspension from the factory, but there s no doubt the BC Racing coilovers (@bcracing) Brady has installed has made a huge improvement in the cars handling abilities. Brady also installed a Cork Sport catless downpipe, custom 3” straight pipe exhaust, Cork Sport Turbo Inlet and a Cobb Short Ram Intake. This Mazdaspeed 3 shouldn’t have any issues with airflow with these supporting modifications. The Cork Sport fuel pump internals ensures the engine has the fuel it needs moving forward with the build. Brady runs a Cobb Accessport with a custom tune by DIzzy to take full advantage of his modifications.  

With a passion for cars, Brady poured his time and money into his Mazdaspeed 3. He met @wrx_mark who started photographing their builds and helped Brady piece together his Mazda (everything is better with friends). When asked about his passion for cars, Brady replied, “ For me personally, my Mazda is and always will be my safe place, a way to express myself and the source of endless smiles and its always a plus when someone else appreciates it!”. We couldn’t agree more. Check out Brady’s build @_brady_.

CorkSport catless downpipe
Custom 3" straight pipe
CorkSport turbo inlet
COBB sri
CorkSport fuel pump internals
AP with Custom tune by Dizzy
On BC coilovers
CS motor mounts