Jun 11, 2019

Baun Performance


eet Jake Baun, the owner and sole fabricator of Baun Performance. You might be asking yourself what Baun Performance is and why you should care. Baun Performance is a one-man shop that fabricates high-quality Volkswagen MK7 parts to push your build to the next level. Jake is 28 years old and calls Clover, SC home. Jake got his start at just 14 years old working in machine shops in Youngstown, OH and with his father who is also a machinist. Jake got started early in racing as a child, racing motocross and GNCC. His first build was a 1993 W250 Cummins Turbo Diesel. He built that truck with little to no help in a time where very little aftermarket support was available. The factory rating for that truck was 160hp and 400ftlbs of torque. After Jake's build, he was looking at about 400whp and 1100ftlbs of torque.

Jake has owned a total of 16 Volkswagens over the years, including his dads 2003 Jetta TDI. Everything from MK2 diesels and air-cooled rail buggies, he had caught the VW bug (get it). Jake recalled helping out his friends on their projects, with his MIG welding skills being a huge help. Helping his friends on everything from RB swapped S14 drift cars and V8 equipped drag cars. After completing his A&P (Airframe and Power Plant, means you can work on any system on any aircraft), Jake went to work for a major airline in Philadelphia. This gave him a close look at the local racing scene at some of the quickest tracks in America.

In 2015 Jake moved to South Carolina for work, this moved him away from the car scene in Philadelphia that he had grown to love. He was daily driving an MK7 at the time and wasn't satisfied with the quality of the aftermarket parts available. He decided to put his fabrication skills to work and put together his first product, his FMIC kit for the MK7. This kit featured a Vibrant 550hp rated core, plenty of room for growth for the MK7. Jake spent a lot of time on R&D in order to back his product. Jake wanted to change the mindset that direct replacement intercoolers were the only option, this just wasn't the case and he set out to prove it. He also learned to TIG weld, taking his fabrication skills to a new level and giving him the ability to make his products as high quality as they are.

"My FMIC kit being 25% larger than other front mounted offerings, it was an instant success…".

Jake’s own MK7 has been used for testing. His track capable daily driven MK7 is the perfect example of how well he builds his parts. ‘I bought the car new in December of 2015 and shortly after tuned APR stage 1’, Jake stated. Boasting a healthy 75,000 miles this beast still sees the track and gets Jake to and from his current job. Equipped with his Baun Performance FMIC and Aggressive Turbo Back Exhaust this car is a testament to his work. The MK7 has an Injen intake, BFI engine and transmission mounts and DKM MS twin disk clutch. See the full build list below.

When asked about how Baun Performance was created, Jake replied, "My total vision and focus with Baun Performance was to offer MK7 parts that weren't available anywhere else, be it by design, price point or build quality…". Jake stopped picking up overtime shifts at his airline job and bought some new equipment. He decided to dedicate his free time to fabricating quality performance MK7 parts. You can expect big things from Baun Performance in the future. Jake plans to expand by building parts for other chassis', like the AWD MQB, Golf R and Audi S3. I think what Jake is doing is what keeps the aftermarket automotive industry alive. If you have an MK7 and you're looking to add quality performance parts to your build, take a look at his Facebook page or Instagram @gti_jake_official. Keep an eye out for our followup article on Jake's track capable daily driver MK7.

Modification List:

-Baun Performance FMIC

-Baun Performance Aggressive turbo back exhaust

-APR stage 2 tune

-Injen intake

-BFI Engine & Transmission mounts

-DKM MS twin disk clutch

-ECS clutch line and bleeder block

-BFI Weighted Shift knob

-Stoptech ST40 355mm

-VWR lowering springs

-Audi A4 Sport wheels

-Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 tires

-H&R wheel spacers 10mm F / 20mm R

-ECS wheel stud conversion

-BEC 7.5R replica headlights