Apr 7, 2019

Ashbuilt Hatch


here is something special about Honda Civic Hatchbacks. You can find them running 8 second quarter-miles at various dragways, time attack events and your at your local autocross tracks. Not only do they look great, but they have huge performance potential and a ton of aftermarket support. Meet Asher, he was born and raised in Florida and currently calls North Carolina home. His 93 Honda Civic is one for the books. Powered by a JG Engine Dynamics B18c1 with a healthy list of internal modifications (see mod list below), this hatch is ready to party. The power is put to the ground through Cryo treated gears, a Quaife helical LSD and The Driveshaft Shop axles rated to 500hp.


Everyone knows wheel hop is the death of high powered FWD chassis cars. To help combat that Asher’s hatch is firmly planted on Fortune Auto 510 coilovers with Buddy Club front and rear camber kits. Sitting on 949 Racing 6UL wheels wrapped in Toyo R888’s this Civic is track ready. (Full modification list below.) The exterior reveals a Rocket Dancer carbon front lips, Stanley JDM corner lights, Ashbuilt front air cut and side skirts. The Spoon rear wing adds an aggressive look we here at Embedded can get behind.

A peak inside shows Sparco Pro2000 seats a Torque Solutions short shifter and a Momo Monte Carlo 350mm wheel. A VTi gauge cluster gives Asher the information he needs.

Asher participates in a lot of driver education events with Apex Fest. He lets loose in the hatch during local Autocross events and attends his local Cars and Coffee with his wife in her hatch (we think she’s a keeper). Asher got into building cars during his time spent in the military (thank you for your service). Like many of us he didn’t have a lot of money to pay other people to work on his first car, a 300ZX Twin Turbo. Like most Twin Turbo 300z’s it was a maintenance queen. Through a recommendation by one of his Sergeants Asher discovered twinturbo.net. Like a lot of us, the addiction grew and he’s been at it ever since, having owned 16 different Honda’s.


We ask all of the people we interview what their biggest influence is, we think it’s important. Asher’s answer has been the most interesting to date. His biggest influence has been his own imagination. Rather than take his car to a body shop for work or paint, he comes up with creative ways to fix it on his own. It takes a lot of creativity, skill and patience to learn these tasks on your own.

We have all had that setback during a build, whether it be money or parts failing at the worst time (like when you’re broke). Asher combats these setbacks by looking for a solution and “looking forward to when those days when I can fall into the seat, turn the key and listen to the engine complain because its cold on a Saturday morning”.

Asher gives a huge shout-out to his wife, team/friends/crew and sponsors. He had some parting words, you can hear it from him. “If anyone out there reading this thinks that responsible girls who enjoy cars that are also okay with working hard to be successful don’t exist - you’re wrong. I’d like to thank my good friend Jose for the evenings helping me out with the car and going out if his way to make sure that i have all the proper safety equipment to race with peace of mind.”. Check out his Instagram @static_set

JG Engine Dynamics B18c1
-Ductile Iron 83mm sleeves
-JG Block Guard
-Arias Pistons 10:1
-Eagle Specialty Products  rods
-Eagle Specialty Products crankshaft
-Ferrea Stainless flat valves
-Rocket Motorsport dual valve springs
-Toda Spec C cams
-Skunk2 cam gears
-Eagle Rods
-OBX individual throttle bodies [modified]
-Aeromotive FPR
-Russel inline fuel filter
-Walbro 250lph pump
-RC Engineering 750cc injectors
-Locash Racing V3 Billet Valve Cover
-Locash Racing billet spark plug cover
-Bisimoto exhaust manifold
-Greddy timing belt
-Endyn timing belt tensioner
-Straightline Motorsport PCV can
-HKS exhaust
-Seeker torque damper
-Fluidyne radiator

-500hp Drive Shaft Shop Axles
-Quaife helical LSD
-Cryo treated gears

-Fortune Auto 510 coilovers
-Buddy Club front camber kit
-Buddy Club rear camber kit
-PCI trailing arm bushings
-Ktuned rear LCA
-ASR 32mm .188” hollow rear sway bar
-ASR rear subframe brace
-ASR endlinks
-Carbing Type2 front strut tower brace
-949Racing 6UL wheels 15x8 track
-Toyo R888 tires 205/50/15 track
-Regamaster Evo 15x8 street
-Nitto NeoGen 205/50/15 tires street
-EBC Yellow brake pads
-Rear disc conversion
-Integra front disc conversion
-Brembo slotted/drilled front/rear discs
-ARP extended lug studs

-Rocket Dancer carbon front lip
-Stanley JDM corner lights
-Ashbuilt front air duct
-Ashbuilt side skirts
-Spoon rear wing

-Sparco Pro2000 seats
-Torque Solutions short shifter
-Circuit Hero shift extension
-Momo Monte Carlo 350mm wheel
-VTi gauge cluster
-JDM optional center console
-Tomei shift knob