Jun 4, 2019

All Toyotafest 2019


aturday June 1st marked the 24th Annual All Toyotafest, held at Marina Green Park in Long Beach, CA. With the ocean front being only a hundred or so meters from the event, the scene couldn't have been better. With roughly 550 Toyota’s parked at various areas in the park, there was no shortage of unique and interesting builds. As you walked through the entrance and down the first row of vehicles you were met with various vendor booths, including Garage Tuned, Yokohama Wheels and D2 Racing.

One of the first cars that pulled me in was a 1988 Toyota Mark 2 Cressida owned by Randy Beard (@rare.arts.usa). He has owned this Mark 2 for about two years, he had it imported from Japan and had it registered in Texas, making this Mark 2 completely street legal. You can see the Japanese influence in the build, it’s definitely something unique on our side of the world and a great build.

As I walked around the show it was evident this show differed from previous events I had been to over the years. One difference was the overwhelming sense of community amongst the people who entered their cars into the show. There was no shortage of pop tents full of people eating delicious food from the various food trucks and talking about their respective builds. I have always had a healthy bias when it comes to Toyota’s, it’s hard not to when they’ve built some of the greatest cars to date. The community at this show remind me that one of the best parts about this addiction was meeting new people.

While walking around I came across this bright blue 1985 MK2 Supra. The pant on the vehicle was unique and in immaculate condition. I had the opportunity to talk to the owner, Eddie (@eddiemk4). Eddie walked me around the Supra and spoke to me about the history behind it. The paint had been done in 1987 by a man named Pete Santini, prior to Eddie buying the car. Eddie bought the car and is now the third owner of this MK2 Supra. He told me he was able to find Santini from his signature that he had painted on the rear passenger side of the car. He later reconnected with Santini for a retouch and to have the valve cover painted. Eddie connected with RAD Industries to have a 2JZ-GTE swapped into his MK2. The 2JZ giving this Supra more power and reliability, Eddie has no problem driving this thing on a regular basis. The interior is clean and mostly original with few exceptions. The Supra was also featured on Speed Hunters, which is a huge accomplishment. Overall, this was one of our favorite cars at All Toyotafest this year.

There was no shortage of Supras, Corollas, and MR2s of all generations. One that caught my eye was this 1987 Toyota MR2 MK1. The owner, Edgar Pineda (@hu5tlermr2), met up with me and walked me around his MR2. Edgar explained how he picked up the MR2 in pretty rough condition, you can see some before photographs on his Instagram. He had some custom fender flares made, the car was repainted. The engine was swapped from the 4AGE to a 5th generation 3S-GTE equipped with a ON3 GT30 turbocharger. The interior was clean and detail oriented. The seats were painted in Mexico and gives the interior some life. The attention to detail in Edgar’s build is amazing and we’re excited to see where this car goes next and what Edgar pursues after this build is complete.

I would highly recommend making it to All Toyotafest if you can. The show was free to the public and was a great experience. I can say I will be making every attempt to make it to their future events.

 Arturo AndradeOwner:
Owner: Salvador Saint